day 268 December 11, 2010

268Although our images two years ago couldn’t be any more different, I sure love how the orange colors blend.

#268~ This moment of light on the nativity made me smile, I love their shadow on the wall too…it felt like a still moment of peace to me, and I wanted it to be for you. Xoxoxoxoxo

268  D-man guarding that goal, he did so great this weekend, he saved lots of goals, dove, bruised his hip and landed hard on one shoulder he put his heart into it, they kept him as goalie all three full games, normally he takes turns with a few other boys. I have to share I was full of pride when yesterday the head ref took us aside after the game and told us he loved watching our son play and to please tell Dylan for us that he thought he was the best player on our team, that blew me away because by far he is not the star of the team, we have a few that stand out so that really made our day and his.



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