day 269 Decebmer 12, 2010

Two years ago today, Jazz got up early snuggled up on a cold morning watching a Christmas movie, while we here in California were watching Dylan play soccer in pretty warm temps as you can tell by the shorts. Today is 12-12-12 a special date, not only a special birthday today but those numbers they will only be here this once.


~269 ~ When I crawled out of bed Sunday morning I stumbled down the stairs and found Jazz all curled up watching a Christmas movie, he gets up extra early on the w’ends, just to lay around and veg out watching cartoons. I loved that he was wearing that hat!

269 –  still at the soccer thing, when the game was over we stopped and got something to eat and I had not taken a picture and when I saw the puddle and reflection I told them all to stand there for the “moment”  I think it’s funny cause they are all in shorts and it was so hot this weekend here and then were you are it’s so terribly cold, so it’s very opposite of your moments that are warm and cozy.


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