270I found these two moments just completely adorable.  CoCo’s sweet hands wrapped around that mug that looks so incredibly big in those sweet hands with a darling little thumb ring!  Then there is Miss Abbie, how she has grown in two years, so amazing to compare and she has no memory of picking out this tree two years back, maybe when she sees the picture it will bring back the memory.

Mon.~270 ~ I had hot cocoa waiting for the big kiddos when they got home from school, it’s been so incredibly freezing here, we have had 2 hour delays both Mon. and today because of the cold. The temp right now is 8 degrees. So anyway, Coco wanted me to take her photo with her cocoa for you for our moment. : )

270 – Monday we went to the market to get stuff for dinner and I told Abbie to pick a tree, she picked this one, I love it.  She carried it to the car and inside the house, it was so adorable and she was so happy and excited to get it inside and decorate it.  She wanted to put it in my peaceful spot, so she cleared all the stuff off the top of trunk and placed it inside the trunk and we strung the lights and put a few decorations on.


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