#274~ Fri. ~ I was returning to Coco’s nursery school for her holiday party when I saw this lone crow, so I stopped to snap a couple shots…and got lost in what I was doing, and the car waiting at  the stop sign opposite me had to honk her horn to get my attention! gees! It was one of those moments where I was completely absorbed in the moment!! I thought you might like to see the snow too. : )

274 – Friday this was an especially hard day for me and I really appreciate you letting me know I was on your heart on this day, I was pretty warn out by the end of the day with both appointments.  You are right about the therapist one, that was intense, I cried my eyes out and I’m NOT a cryer so it was crazy and weird.  I was very apprehensive but I will keep it up and see what happens.  It rained all day and after my last appointment I drove to see a childhood friend who is more like a sister, and it was good to sit and talk and eat with her.  Her home was so cozy and decorated so pretty for Christmas.  We had hot tea and we just had a nice visit.  Once I drove home I realized I needed to take a picture so I let Max out to go potty and shot the rainy ground, Abbie’s jump rope was left outside in the rain and this picture pretty much represents my feelings of the day anyway, I changed it to black and white hoping it may pair better with your black bird in the snow.


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