day 276 December 19, 2010

I love that in the hustle and bustle the holidays can stir up that we still made time to snap a picture, capture a moment of time to share.  To sit quietly for just a moment read each others emails and look at each others moments.  Our thoughts shared a few years back is a great reminder to just embrace this moment.  We are short on money as always and rather than get down, remember to think of the blessings.  The love. It breaks my heart when I think of the Tragedy at Sandy Hook in NEWTOWN, Conn. This date 12-14-12 will always be in our hearts and it feels so completely unfair.  Some don’t have their children or loved ones on this day and love and showing love is so important in our moments, in our everyday ordinary moments.



#276 ~ Sun. ~ Yesterday we did a lot of chores (good gravy I hate dusting! And this house is always so darn dusty!) so anyway, after we got some stuff done, we did a little baking, and Asa and Gaia helped wrap some of J and C’s gifts (I am all about sharing the responsibilities of Christmas this year, and they loved feeling like they were secret elves!) then we built a fire and they had the idea to roast  marshmallow in the flames! Which meant I ate way too many, because they kept burning them, and I’m the only one who likes them charred! : ) I really liked this glimpse of Asa, he so rarely lets me snap his photo…

276 – Sunday – we are working on lots of crafts to keep us busy, also baking some easy things to keep us in the spirit.  We are on a budget so these fun inexpensive things are fun.  Plus it’s what Christmas is about for me, time spent making pretty things and just being together. I’m happy you like my snowflakes we have made more since our last picture too.  It’s addicting.


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