day 277 December 20, 2010

As I see the shadows in Angela’s moment it reminds me that as I sometimes sit and watch our morning shadows they move quick, here one moment gone the next, reminding me to not delay because if we may wait our moments will pass.  I also see two years ago today California had lots of wonderful rain, this December not so much, small showers only here or there.  Today Angela sat waiting for some news and today she received good news:)

277#277 ~ Mon. ~ This morning I was making the bed (so I could feel a little like things were in order! Ha!) and I noticed the sunlight and   shadows on my bedroom wall, and it felt right for my moment, especially since today is going to be so full…it’s my moment of calm before the chaos!

Monday 277 – it’s raining it’s pouring….non stop.  It’s insane but I truly love it.  Abbie and I are rain girls and so she was walking in the rain, and I took our moment, actually she was more like dancing in the rain.  Do you notice she is either barefoot or sandals we have no idea what winter shoes are really like around here. 


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