day 278 December 21, 2010

278 winter beginsMy moment from Tues. is when I went outside to mark the Solstice with lighting a candle. I liked how the snow was glistening, even one little candle can put off some sweet comforting light…I wish I felt like that candle right now…but i just don’t have a very strong flame. I really hope I can get sometime to regroup my thoughts and restart my heart when we are away.

Tues 278 – Still raining and this was taken almost midnight again after a long day.  And yes, you are spotting the 50, to be honest it’s about all I shoot on my “big camera”  It’s nice and small and takes an awesome picture.  The rolling pin was the 50 and we had used it for our Cinnamon ornaments.  We have made what my mom calls magic bars, Rich’s mom calls them 7 layer bars, it’s the graham crackers, coconut, nuts, chocolate chips, butterscotch chips and condensed milk, so easy but very yummy, at least I think so.


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