day 319, Janaury 31 2011 two years ago today

319pairSo in honor of my wishing, I was making tea Monday night and grabbed my Yellow Springs mug  (a gift from a friend who lives in the town of Yellow Spring’s Ohio), and laughed when I saw that the cup read “spring’, so I quick grabbed my camera, felt like the universe throwing me (us)a sign that spring will come.

319 – While Rich took Peepers out on their date I ran the boys to subway and gamestop where they got a free download of some sort.  While I was out I also went to Target and had fun in the dollar section, I picked up these cute little vases.  Not sure if you can tell or not but they are sweating, I took this picture after my first hot shower:)


day 318, January 30, 2011 two years ago today


#318 ~ Sun. I saw your note on my socks on flickr, and had had this one in mind for you before then, but knew it would be a good moment for you after reading your little note! I think of this one as ‘paws’ : mine, Willow’s and Coco’s! It was such a wonderful moment, ad the day got do full of energy shortly  after this moment…I am grateful to have had a little Sunday morning peace.

318 – I love how you called your feet paws,it matches my Max paws perfectly.  

day 317, January 29, 2011 two years ago today


#317 ~Sat. Coco got this kitty for Christmas, and now is rarely seen without it! It’s her favorite stuffed friend, and she sleeps with it every night too…I saw it resting in the sunlight, and it made me smile. Sat. was a busy day, I am glad i captured this moment when I did, because i hardly picked p my camera!

317 – Believe me when I say this is the next morning Saturday and yes little Peepers has the same shirt on but sometimes she sleeps in her clothes, and I let her because I do it too.  She was cutting strawberries as I was making waffles.  

day 316, Janauary 28, 2011 two years ago today

Two years ago things were different, since then Freddy has gone on, left this world as we know it behind.  We don’t know, we just don’t.  Angela never took him for granted, she visited him each Friday, read to him, listened to his stories and was his friend.  She has taught me so much, I always say this, but it’s true.


#316~ Leaving for Freddy’s house I noticed the sky, and it seemed to be expressing my feelings exactly…tired, fading, light glimmering, ready to give way to emotion. That’s how my Friday was for sure.

316 – Abbie was helping me with dinner and I took a picture of her hair because I found the messy braid really pretty, I changed it to black and white because I do that sometimes;)  

day 314 January 27, 2011 two years ago today

315#315 ~ is from this afternoon, my afternoon coffee. Unfortunately I turned a little sour after having my coffee…instead of it being a pick me up, it was more like a grumpy me up, I just started feeling tense, and jazz and I had a whole stack of homework to do because he is gonna return to school tomorrow, and Gaia brought his make-up work home with her today. Anyway, all is quiet now. Except for Asa is just now getting in the shower, and it’s 11pm. He pushes it so late almost every night…and he is the 1st to have to wake in the mornings.

315 – our similar moment.  Mine is my kitchen sink with with my empty morning coffee, I find such similarities in our shots. Do you see the yellow thing in the sink.  Sort of a new purchase and I’m using it like mad.  We have lots of lemons, People give us lemons cause well, we have lots of citrus around here, so I have been squeezing fresh half lemons in my bubbly water like crazy.  I love it!  It’s so refreshing, I call it my new soda, me and Abbie both will clink our glasses and say “our new soda!”

day 314 January 26, 2011 two years ago today


My cauliflower moment is a thank you to sweet you! Thank you for reminding me how very much I love cauliflower with your flickr post about the soup! I thought the heart of this head of cauliflower kinda looked like a tree of life, and it was so good. (after I got over burning my hand!) I just heated a little oil in our big black skillet and coated the cauliflower in it with curry powder and a little coarse salt, then I decided to add some garlic…yum! then I roasted it for @ 40 minutes or so , so simple and delicious.

314* your pretty blue ball, I hung it with the dove and my peace sign, perhaps it’s  a lot going on in one spot but that’s just me.  I almost forgot 314, I had taken picture of food thru the day but I didn’t want to send you food.  Rich heard me at 11:30 p.m. snapping these pictures.  He said “Tracie your mind is always going, you have so much on your mind it seems at all hours”  I have been having trouble sleeping at night and he thinks it’s cause I think too much.

day 313 January 25, 2011 two years ago today


#313 ~ Today! ~ I snapped this early this morning as the sun was rising, my moment of quiet calm before waking the 2nd wave of kiddos up for the day…Asa leaves the house by 7am, so he had just left, a tiny moment of peace before finding out that Jazz had a tummy bug!

We like the number 13 around here, the number 3 is such a perfect number to me.  So I love that this is 313.  Well for hours yesterday we were at the doctors and we had to wait an entire hour before we even got into see him, then once in there another 30 minutes before he even appeared in the room.  Does turn out D-man also has pneumonia.  He sent him down for x-ray to confirm.