day 290 January 2, 2011

day 290 January 2, 2011Moment 290 from yesterday, the sticker on my clementine made me smile, who wouldn’t want to have a party in their tummy?! I really want to eat more fresh fruit, and clementines are as close to fresh as we Indiana folk can get in January!

290 Sunday, I have been spending lots of time journaling and reading the book the 21 spiritual lessons to losing weight, the name of the book exactly has left my mind but I do think it’s good and I think you would like it.  What you see here is me writing my 30x’s at night “God please feed my hunger and restore my right mind”  I did this 30x’s in the a.m. and 30 at night for three days.  The pretty silk blanket is from my mom when they went to China she brought this back a few years ago.  I had it folded and put away in a closet because she went on and on about how much money it cost and how valuable it was being pure silk and all, I decided this night I wasn’t hiding it anymore and we were going to use it.  Abbie has been using it when she sleeps at night. 



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