day 291 January 3, 2011


#291 ~ Today Eric was home, so we had ourselves a wonderful date kinda morning and afternoon till we needed to pick up the big kiddos from school. It was such a lovely day…we went for a hike together, had coffee together, then picked Coco up from nursery school and went to lunch and then to the Episcopal church uptown to light candles and say blessings and send out prayers for the New Year…Coco loved the church, and all the candles. I thought of you, and the blessing that you are in my life, and wanted this moment to be today’s moment…

291 Monday the prayer flags you sent me, I finally hung them in my kitchen, I know they are probably meant to be outside in the wind but I wanted to see them and I spend lots of time in my kitchen, maybe in the spring I can move them to the backyard where I spend lots of quiet time but for now they live in my kitchen. I think it goes well with CoCo and her candles. 


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