day 292 January 4, 2011


This was the very first time I revealed my legs to someone, since I have built a blog about their healing and have shared with others which in so many ways feels freeing.  I’m so happy to report my legs today on this day look so much better than they did exactly two years ago on this very day, they look better today than they did two months ago.  Still not entirely healed, still a ways to go but so much better.  The match up isn’t the best because Coco and her little hand is so much better to look at than my image on the right. 292

#292~ Tues. This moment is from Coco’s painting adventure, she really gets lost in the wonderful world of art, and I love it so much…she used to be such an intense little baby, from the time she could walk (at 9 months!) till she found her words, and her creative expression she fussed and threw huge tantrums nonstop! Really. It seems impossible that this precious well adjusted little sweet one could have been so full of intensity, but she sure was…Eric and I worried that maybe she had some kind of imbalance, and we kept telling each other that we would just love her up because love is so powerful, and she finally settled into herself. I thank art for helping her find her calm…

292 Tuesday I decided as painful as this is for me, I would share with you my legs.  The legs I need to learn to love, the legs I’m very ashamed of at this time.  It’s not a clear picture but I think you get the idea and it’s not just my legs, it’s spread throughout my body, pretty much everyplace except my face. 


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