day 294 January 6, 2011

Can you imagine me flipping out as I opened Angela’s email on this day and saw a picture of her feet in a socks and in the kitchen!!!  Because on this very same day without me knowing, without me seeing her image I took a picture of my feet, in my socks in my kitchen.  During this year project I began to notice we had very similar moments on the same days, like two moms’ in two different states living parallel  lives, it would often blow my mind.  We even began to be on the same hormonal cycle.  Just completely mind blowing and amazing to me.


294 – this day Angela had no explanation but none needed really, our pairing tripped me on this day. But his was her response after I freaked out with an exciting email after opening our images.

simply magical!!!!
I love these little wonderful gifts of grace, I feel like it’s the universe saying that we were meant to be doing just what we’re doing! And I love your mismatched socks! And I love that your boys were in on the wildness of our two photos last night…: )

294 – Thursday, drum roll please…..ta da!!  hee, hee but really I tried to take a picture of our snow capped mountains today but it absolutely was not coming out how my eyes saw them so when I got home that’s when I was walking in the kitchen and looked down…grabbed my camera and sat on my kitchen floor and took one single shot of my feet, wow if you look close you can see the Max  hair, he bring such joy to our home yet soooooo much HAIR.


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