day 297 Janaury 9, 2011


#297 ~Sun. ~ Yet a different porch shot! I finally mustered up the energy to sweep it out, it’s where we store the firewood so it gets covered with bits and pieces of bark, and lord knows what else! it was really in need of a good sweep. I found this marble while sweeping, and it called to me, so I stopped and grabbed my camera, then laid on the cold porch floor trying to gt the shot that I wanted! : ) It was a great distraction from the chores.

297 – Abbie is doing a report on our community due tomorrow so we spent part of yesterday driving around our city talking about various spots.  I found some gift cards that have been in our kitchen drawer for a few years and decided to call and see if there were balances on any of the cards, there was so we went to dinner last night and when we got home I sat by the fire to journal and read and Dylan said he was going to find his inner peace and next thing I know he is sitting in front of the fire in this position and he was serious about it too, being very quiet and still so I snuck to take a quick picture.  I think he will make a good husband one day, he is open and I like that.


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