day 299 Jauanry 11, 2011

 You know two years ago yesterday Angela shared a piece of a book she was browsing at the book store, I just got the very same book she was browsing for Christmas this year.  I had no idea two years ago what book she was reading until last night I happened upon the same Courage photo in the very book I got for Christmas this year.  I’m supposed to be the city girl who knows stuff right? Truth be told Angela is the wiser of the pair of us, she has taught me so much in the few years we have known each other.  I also had never heard of the poet Mary Oliver before meeting Angela, or popping my popcorn in coconut oil and the many other uses it has? 

299Hi’ya friend.

Here’s my peaceful soup moment, I’m actually about to enjoy some leftover soup for lunch, it’s warming on the stove top as I type!

Oh how I love this Angela, “COURAGE”  I have never sat and looked at photography books at Barns and Noble, cook books yes but I’m not sure why its never crossed my mind to thumb through books like this.  Amazing.  I love this. 

I’m not sure what my moment will be today, I took one picture as I pulled up to my councilors office and smiled in the review mirror, it may be today’s moment.  I thought a smile would be nice today.  I feel like I can be on my way to getting stronger.  I think I will just do it.  Not sure how it will measure up to your soup but let it be my moment.


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