day 300! Janaury 12, 2012

This was a land mark day, 300 moments we shared in a row, 65 days left to go.  The cool part it, now I know we did it, we sent each other a photo and email every single day of 2010/2011 for 365 days.  Even in times of vacation, illness and what have you, we pulled it off.  The very next day after this moment I got very sick.  My family was terribly sick during this time, all three of the men in our family developed pneumonia. The only one to escape this family illness was the youngest of the bunch, we had her move in with Mimi and Papa during our sick time.


#300 ~ I wished I had found something really celebratory to shoot for our #300!!!, but the day was so full and so grey, I decided that keep calm and carry on felt just right…cause we are trying to do just that! This is also a glimpse of Mr. Asa tending to his facebook world, with little bro jazz wondering why he’s not playing with him!

300 – I’m feeling the light and I’m see the light and during our almost one year of moments most my self portraits have been mostly gloomy and the past two (two in a row) I have had smiles and I know it’s because I’m finally on my way to better and I believe our project has opened my eyes in lots of ways and I believe you have helped me through some sad times and you have been a great friend this past year, more like a sister as you have mentioned before.  I cherish our unique friendship and 300 and me again (just before the sickness hit)  It came so quickly it was odd, moment of bliss before the yucky sickness captured me.


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