day 303 January 15, 2011

303#303 ~ Sat. ~ A shot of the B-day boy with his dear companion Coco…she never leaves his side, her love for her daddy grows every single day, and it is so beautiful. I liked this moment because you get a glimpse of the tulips, b-day cake, and their sweetness.

303 – Feeling so much better today that I actually changed our sheets and swept and vacuumed, I did it in phases but I just had to because Max sheds so much hair it feels like it takes over after a period of a few days.  It freaks me out to see it balled up on our cork floor and mashed into our rugs. Maybe I have other issues but I had to do it.  Your black tea and citrus looked so good in 302 I had to try it, as I mentioned above, perhaps went a little crazy on the citrus but I wanted to be sure in taste it.  I thought it would sooth my cough and raspy voice.  It did feel good.


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