day 304 January 16, 2011


#304 ~ sun ~ this is a little peek at our date time. We went for a hike at the lake near our house, it was warmer than usual, and the snow was so lovely glistening in the sun. We had a wonderful time, and i asked him to take this moment with me because it represents to me how we support each other, always willing to lean on each other or offer support…(he ends up lending more and i end up receiving more, I think, but he’s okay with that!)

304 – oh man, sorry about this I got the cookbook that Dani sent, it’s amazing and I know I could have taken a better picture than this, it’s all I have for  you:(  I took one other picture on this day but it was creepy and I didn’t want to put it next to you and your love.  The other picture was a babydoll hanging in our bathroom by the towel hook, it was a baby who had been made over in the face but in more of a creepy way rather than cute, I just found it strange that when I walked into the bathroom I saw that!



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