day 307, 2011


#307 ~ I had a huge day out in the world, and when Gaia and I finally got in from a meeting for her about middle school next year, I realized I hadn’t taken a moment shot today…so I looked around, and there right in front of me was miss Gaia wearing her peace sign necklace, we both knew it was the moment for you…we all have been wishing you all a whole lot of peace, and rest, and healing… Gaia found out at school today that her good friend’s mama died this w’end. It broke my heart to hear this news, I cannot imagine how this little girl will  bear the weight of losing her mama, it’s hard to wrap my heart around. And it hurts me so much for Gaia, how will she find the peace in her heart not to worry that she might lose us (she asked me tonight who would help raise her and the kiddos if E and I died…) she is so vulnerable and sensitive, yet really solid and strong. I wish I could protect her and her friends, and all the kiddos from heartache. I know you know how I feel.

 307 – this is what I have been drinking by the buckets, sparkling water with fresh squeezed lemon, it’s very good and refreshing and before us getting sick Abbie and I have been calling this drink our new soda!


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