day 308 January 20, 2011


#308 ~ Thurs. ~ we had another snow day (which I kinda love) and I went upstairs to help Coco with something and when I saw this tulip, only moments from fading away, I loved it, and wanted to capture it before it was just petals on our bedroom floor…

308 So yesterday Austin says, I think we should have each day when the t.v. goes off, no computer, no electronics and we should all just sit as a family in 30 minutes of silence and read.  So this is our first attempt, I only snapped two on timer then I was all business and into my magazine.  He is reading the outsiders since we just watched it the other night, it sparked his interest, it was one of my favorite books as a tween so I’m happy he wanted to read it. 

our 30 minute of peace and quiet while we read.  It was soooo nice, Austin wanted to extend the time when it was up.


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