day 309 Janaury 21, 2011


#309 ~ today ~ Eric took Coco to nursery school, allowing me a couple hours at home alone before needing to run out to get her…so what did I do? I grabbed the camera and wandered around my house in the early morning sunlight!! I wanted this to be our moment because of the snow (!), and also I loved that I had this little bit of time. It was so cold (like 5 degrees!) so I could only stay out a few minutes, but they were golden minutes…

309 Hi Mama of Light still working on health over here, officially this is the most work I have missed due to being sick.  It’s insane! I’ll quit complaining soon, it’s just I want to be out and about and all well and no more coughing as I also wish this for my boys.  Little Peepers remains strong but she is basically living next door, I miss my little partner so much. 

 Our Moment –  Big Max watching over his sick human brother or should I say pack member.



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