day 314 January 26, 2011 two years ago today


My cauliflower moment is a thank you to sweet you! Thank you for reminding me how very much I love cauliflower with your flickr post about the soup! I thought the heart of this head of cauliflower kinda looked like a tree of life, and it was so good. (after I got over burning my hand!) I just heated a little oil in our big black skillet and coated the cauliflower in it with curry powder and a little coarse salt, then I decided to add some garlic…yum! then I roasted it for @ 40 minutes or so , so simple and delicious.

314* your pretty blue ball, I hung it with the dove and my peace sign, perhaps it’s  a lot going on in one spot but that’s just me.  I almost forgot 314, I had taken picture of food thru the day but I didn’t want to send you food.  Rich heard me at 11:30 p.m. snapping these pictures.  He said “Tracie your mind is always going, you have so much on your mind it seems at all hours”  I have been having trouble sleeping at night and he thinks it’s cause I think too much.


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