day 314 January 27, 2011 two years ago today

315#315 ~ is from this afternoon, my afternoon coffee. Unfortunately I turned a little sour after having my coffee…instead of it being a pick me up, it was more like a grumpy me up, I just started feeling tense, and jazz and I had a whole stack of homework to do because he is gonna return to school tomorrow, and Gaia brought his make-up work home with her today. Anyway, all is quiet now. Except for Asa is just now getting in the shower, and it’s 11pm. He pushes it so late almost every night…and he is the 1st to have to wake in the mornings.

315 – our similar moment.  Mine is my kitchen sink with with my empty morning coffee, I find such similarities in our shots. Do you see the yellow thing in the sink.  Sort of a new purchase and I’m using it like mad.  We have lots of lemons, People give us lemons cause well, we have lots of citrus around here, so I have been squeezing fresh half lemons in my bubbly water like crazy.  I love it!  It’s so refreshing, I call it my new soda, me and Abbie both will clink our glasses and say “our new soda!”


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