day 316, Janauary 28, 2011 two years ago today

Two years ago things were different, since then Freddy has gone on, left this world as we know it behind.  We don’t know, we just don’t.  Angela never took him for granted, she visited him each Friday, read to him, listened to his stories and was his friend.  She has taught me so much, I always say this, but it’s true.


#316~ Leaving for Freddy’s house I noticed the sky, and it seemed to be expressing my feelings exactly…tired, fading, light glimmering, ready to give way to emotion. That’s how my Friday was for sure.

316 – Abbie was helping me with dinner and I took a picture of her hair because I found the messy braid really pretty, I changed it to black and white because I do that sometimes;)  


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