moment and day 347 February 28, 2011


#347 ~ I’ve never had black finger nails, before now! Gaia inspired me to give them a try because she bought some really nice black nail polish ( is this the start of a n early mid-life crisis?!) well, anyway…: ) I was scratching Willow in the only nice light I could find yesterday, and it became your moment, the dark grey had me so uninspired.

So my day 347 was a busy one, as for some reason my life feels a little crazy busy right now, so I snapped this on may way out to soccer, I had spent a good 30 minutes on my Inner Pippi shots and my little sister must be busy too because she didn’t post yesterday and I’m not sure what my assignment is for today, she is the leader on that one.  So anyway, this is just warm sun coming through my bedroom window and hitting some of my jewelry I hang on the wall next to my bed.  I loved the light so much, it was very warm and toasty, I really would have much rather curled into a ball on my bed and stayed there rather than run around with mom stuff to do. 


day and moment no. 346 Februay 27, 2011


#346 ~ I couldn’t resist the cheery magazine cover when I was a t the library, i had to bring it home, and I had to send it as a moment for you! I could look at that happy sunflower all day long…and I love that it has an article about inviting more happiness into our lives…I’ll let you know if I find anything to pass on from the article!!

346 – Drive home, I read and wrote in my journal a little bit, I wrote about some things I was thankful for, the safe trip was high on the list considering our crazy start.

day and moment no. 345 February 26, 2011

#345 ~  I like coffee best of all when it’s really strong (with room of course for cream and sweet) so the french press is my favorite because it makes it really dark and rich…it was grey and cold, the coffee was a comfort.

345 – race day and rather than take a ton of pictures of the racers stuff like that, I took a picture of this contraption as I sat on a cement block, I spent most my day walking while they raced, I walked 9 miles on this day.

Day and Moment No. 344 February 25, 2011

344Today’s two years ago, our common thread.  We both shot while on the road.

#344 ~ I was driving home from dropping Coco at nursery school on Fri. morning, and these birds caught my eye in the cornfield, and we had gotten a little fresh snow the night before, but it melted by late afternoon…

344 – This was Friday night on the road, just before Rich pulled over for me to drive.

day and moment no. 343 February 24, 2011

343#343 ~ my breakfast raspberries. this is the shot I liked most out of the ones I took, because of the softness…they did not taste very good, unfortunately…do you always have access to fresh fruit living in Cali? We sure do not…these raspberries were so pretty, but pretty tasteless! I think they had to travel too far to reach our grocery!

343 – Today I went for a walk while Dylan practiced and here are some pretty trees with blooming flowers, looks like spring.

day and moment no. 342 February 23, 2011


#342  A feather shot for you. I saw on flickr you said you liked my shoes, : ) well, they are $2 house slippers I found on clearance at Target, and I LOVE them!!

342 – here is today’s moment, it’s Dylan blowing up his rocket balloon from England, Kirstin Mckee sent a cute little fun package with these balloons and Dylan had a blast with them.

day and moment no. 341 February 22, 2011

341#341 Coco has been really interested in playing games lately. And she LOVES to find ways to win! When we were playing memory, she was sneaking my matches back into the mix so she could magically find them! She also needed her toenails painted blue. : )

341 *I signed Abbie up for after school art class, they came around today to have demonstration and had the kids draw a pear, showed them how etc.  this is abbie’s pear she was so proud and she is so excited about taking the class.