day 336 Feb. 17, 2011 two years ago


#336 ~ Thursday evening out of the blue, Asa asked me to play ping pong. Which melted my mama heart, we had so much fun, and we haven’t played together like that in too long, so afterwards I asked him if I could take a moment shot in his room…he makes these kinds of drawings for all his friends, this one he made special for himself based on an old poster for a concert that Eric had made when he was a young, wild musician.

336 – yesterday I was watching our little friend Eli because her grandma my friends mom was in surgery yesterday, they found cancer on her liver and she is actually waiting for a new one.  Me and the girls made heart garland for her room, this is Abbie and Eli working together on Abbie’s heart garland, it’s hard to see but I noticed she wrote the word hope on one of those hearts.  She also write to Grace, Eli’s grandma that she liked her smile and loved her very much, I giggled when I saw she wrote she liked Grace’s smile, I thought it was sweet.


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