moment and day 347 February 28, 2011


#347 ~ I’ve never had black finger nails, before now! Gaia inspired me to give them a try because she bought some really nice black nail polish ( is this the start of a n early mid-life crisis?!) well, anyway…: ) I was scratching Willow in the only nice light I could find yesterday, and it became your moment, the dark grey had me so uninspired.

So my day 347 was a busy one, as for some reason my life feels a little crazy busy right now, so I snapped this on may way out to soccer, I had spent a good 30 minutes on my Inner Pippi shots and my little sister must be busy too because she didn’t post yesterday and I’m not sure what my assignment is for today, she is the leader on that one.  So anyway, this is just warm sun coming through my bedroom window and hitting some of my jewelry I hang on the wall next to my bed.  I loved the light so much, it was very warm and toasty, I really would have much rather curled into a ball on my bed and stayed there rather than run around with mom stuff to do. 


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