day and moment no. 348 march 1, 2011


#348 ~ the sun returned!! ~as you saw on flickr : ) ~ and Coco made a little set-up out of some pretty things she was playing with in a patch of light on the bedroom floor before we took off for our walkwith our neighbor friend…we even took the kiddos to a roller skate night sponsored by their school at the local roller rink this evening, it’s amazing what you’ll do when the sun is shining!! They had a blast, and I just drank in the music and the kids laughing and having fun, which was pretty sweet…

 348 – aftermath of omelet making. Today I made my first omelet to eat for lunch, it was good too.  I messed up on my first attempt, too much egg for my little pan so I fed that to max (I know probably not such a good idea) then I tried again with two eggs and it worked.  I was so happy about it.  Now I’m going to take a walk and be back to help abbie makes penguins for her project, we are making them out of clay.  


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