day and moment no. 349 march 2, 2011

349349 I am heading towards bed, today was so full up, but at least the sun was shining…March has been so sweet so far weather wise here. : )

Gaia and I ran after the setting sun this evening, in hopes of getting some golden light…but really missed the best shots due to my kit lens, but I loved this surprise reflection in Gaia and Jasper’s school windows.

I hope you were held by the light today.

 349 – oranges…lots of oranges and some lemons too.

I want to work on my time in art, I used to be able to paint cool things and create more when I was younger I want to get that back, I need it, I’m sad I let it go.  The book I’m reading and taking my sweet time reading because I keep going over stuff is the book Miss Holly told me about, the one you have on your list “The Gifts of Imperfection” it’s so good and has made me sit still and think and I do want to change things and I think it’s time. 



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