day and moment no. 353 March 6, 2011

353#353 ~ yesterday afternoon I met sweet Andrea for a cup of tea, and we sat and talked for hours! I took my camera hoping to get a bench shot with her, but it wasn’t the right timing, so when she went to the restroom, I quickly snapped this shot just to capture the feeling of the afternoon as my moment to share with you.

353  So busy Sunday,  We cleaned Abbie’s room to the CORE, we got rid of lots of her toys and made her under bed, just that a place for a mattress, which used to be a huge toy box.  We actually set a few of her toys aside for CoCo and Dylan did the same Sunday with some of his things for Jasper.  I need to figure out the cheapest way to send it to them. The kids really want them to have the stuff. 

 We had a little time in the backyard and sat around the fire pit which the kids made with dad out of blocks and Rich hung my peace sign from Christmas in the backyard so we can see it more often.  My 353 is him and the peace sign:)


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