day and moment 358 march 11, 2011


358 ~ E and I had a morning meet up at Starbucks after I took Coco to school on Fri. we really fell into each other in that way that only dear loves can, I spilled all my feelings about my baby turning 5yrs. and so much more…I was all teary right there at Starbucks, but it all felt okay because I was with him…it was a b+w kinda morning, and   these shadows really spoke to me.

358 – set up for Abbie’s party and it was inspired by YOU!  I loved the pinwheels and masks so much that I decorated her party with them and then sent them home as favors!  We painted heart frames and I took all the little girls pictures with Abbie and sent them home with their frame and a picture inside.  Courtney and Gwen were such big helpers and the little girls thought they were rad college girls.  We did tattoos and then busted out the mini cupcakes and sang happy birthday.


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