day and moment 359 March 12, 2011

Happy Birthday CoCo!  Our littlest girls both have March birthdays 4 days apart!

359359 ~ A birthday moment for you! Coco had a lovely day, even with the sadness my mama carries with her( she is so depressed, she has been without work for almost two years…) and so we all had a good time because Coco really delighted in her day.

Love you Cali mama ~
xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox ~A.

 359 – I wish  I would have been more with it and did something cool for Coco’s birthday but again two early soccer games and Saturday was CRAZY, I picked up abbie from her friends house and she thought we needed starbucks, I first said no cause I didn’t want to spend money but then changed my mind, glad I did, it was yummy and I have not had one in a  while AND I made a snack, my starbucks next to my snack.

 love you sister

and big PEACE I’m sending  you, enjoy your spring break.





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