About Us

Basically we are two Mama’s who met in the spring of 2010 on Flickr but it feels as if I have known Angela all my life.  I was completely drawn into Angela’s stream, it was full of light and warmth and inspiration.  One day I was looking at Angela’s stream and she had the most wonderful picture of a book, this book was called A Year of Mornings, and I was interested so I ordered a gently used copy online and fell in love and in this book the two lovely women encourage us to find our own connections and I knew in my heart Angela was mine and shortly after this she thought she may give up on flickr and so I asked her if she wouldn’t mind sharing a moment with each other each and every day because I would miss her so much on flickr.  She agreed and here are our moments.  I cherish Angela is a new beautiful friend and she has inspired me in so many ways and I thank her for her kindness and her encouragement. I’m grateful for her and I know she will be an everlasting friend.

Angela lives in an artsy town in Indiana and well it’s a little more liberal than much of Indiana this is what she tells me, I hope some day to visit her and see.  She has four children boy, girl, boy girl, a loving supportive husband who makes her coffee in the morning, a dog and a cat.  She used to be a midwife and now she does the most important job of all, she raises her family and NOW works with preschool children.

Me, I live in a suburb of Los Angeles , I have three children boy, boy, girl and also a loving supportive husband who makes me coffee in the morning, two dogs, and a snake (who really belongs to my son) and I work for our family business but I’m lucky, I get off before kids get out of school so I can also raise my family the most important job of all.

We would like to share our moments with whomever is interested you will see we have had our ups and downs over the course of  the year(s) 2010 and 2011  but even in the ups downs, vacations and busy lives we managed a moment a day for each other. This accomplishment makes me so proud, since I rarely finish projects I begin.

Peace to all who stop by and visit.


3 thoughts on “About Us

  1. oh my…. why did i miss your awesome BLOGproject? :o)))

    i have the book “one year of mornings” too, and was always drawn by the lovely idea of it!

    go girls go…. i can’t wait to see what you’re coming up with!


  2. What a beautiful thing you ladies have done. I hope to go back and read through your daily moments. Tracie you were always a beautiful soul! How wonderful to have found such a bond through today’s technology!

    • Thank you so much Teri, means a lot that you stopped by. I have really enjoyed this project with my friend from a two years back. Just a goal of mine to blog it all out, took me two whole years to do it. I’m determined to finish this year! I love how we were both kids when we met, I always loved you and feel exactly the same about you. I mean I was really a kid back then and you put up with me pretty well, always made me feel loved.

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