day and moment 358 march 11, 2011


358 ~ E and I had a morning meet up at Starbucks after I took Coco to school on Fri. we really fell into each other in that way that only dear loves can, I spilled all my feelings about my baby turning 5yrs. and so much more…I was all teary right there at Starbucks, but it all felt okay because I was with him…it was a b+w kinda morning, and   these shadows really spoke to me.

358 – set up for Abbie’s party and it was inspired by YOU!  I loved the pinwheels and masks so much that I decorated her party with them and then sent them home as favors!  We painted heart frames and I took all the little girls pictures with Abbie and sent them home with their frame and a picture inside.  Courtney and Gwen were such big helpers and the little girls thought they were rad college girls.  We did tattoos and then busted out the mini cupcakes and sang happy birthday.


day and moment 357 March 10, 2011


357 ~ sweet dear coco, before bed Thursday night found the heart cookie cutters and wanted to take a picture of her heart, I had another moment for you, but wanted you to have this instead. : )

357 – This morning as I ate breakfast at the counter I looked over and saw the morning light on my pretty blue and very dusty glass thing, it was a pretty reflection on the wall and only lasted a few moments and it was gone, I’m glad I got up and grabbed my camera I love the blue on the orange wall, dust and all  I like it.

day and moment 356 March 9, 2011

356356 Today was the trip to the art museum with Coco’s class, it was pouring down rain the whole time. I snapped this of the kiddos and their helpers (mostly parents) leaving the museum, I of course, forgot my rain jacket and my umbrella! All the other families seemed to remember theirs…: )

Wish we could go to a art museum together! : )
sending love and hopes for you to be feeling the lingering sweetness
from a birthday girl well celebrated!

xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo ~A.

356 – Max got “fixed” yesterday, not sure why they call it that but anyway he came home and pretty much just laid under our dining room table very drowsy and seemed a little down.  I took a picture from his P.O.V.

Much Love


day and moment no. 355 March 8, 2011

Abbie’s 9th birthday, today she is 11!!


355  being Mardi gras, Asa had a band function at school, he decided to wear his jester hat, and I caught him in a moment of stillness before we left. I think this might be the 1st monotone I’ve done for our moments! It seemed fitting for this shot.

 355 –  Her Birthday morning, instead of a waffle to sit next to Asa, I switched my moment out for Abbie the morning of her birthday in her birthday crown, also decided monotone would look nice.


day and moment no. 354 March 7, 2011

354354  Coco was blessed to inherit from a friend I work with this wild  and amazing handmade fairy house, my friend made it for his little girl when she was Coco’s age, and now she is a sophomore in high school. She loves it. This is not the best shot of it, but she really wanted to play, and wanted me to stop taking her picture. : )

354 –  The eve before Abbie turns 9!  I had not taken a single photo all day, it was such a busy, busy day.  Then after she went to bed and I wrapped her few gifts, I decided this was it…the big moment of a wrapped gift in her favorite color pale blue.

day and moment no. 353 March 6, 2011

353#353 ~ yesterday afternoon I met sweet Andrea for a cup of tea, and we sat and talked for hours! I took my camera hoping to get a bench shot with her, but it wasn’t the right timing, so when she went to the restroom, I quickly snapped this shot just to capture the feeling of the afternoon as my moment to share with you.

353  So busy Sunday,  We cleaned Abbie’s room to the CORE, we got rid of lots of her toys and made her under bed, just that a place for a mattress, which used to be a huge toy box.  We actually set a few of her toys aside for CoCo and Dylan did the same Sunday with some of his things for Jasper.  I need to figure out the cheapest way to send it to them. The kids really want them to have the stuff. 

 We had a little time in the backyard and sat around the fire pit which the kids made with dad out of blocks and Rich hung my peace sign from Christmas in the backyard so we can see it more often.  My 353 is him and the peace sign:)

day and moment 352 March 5, 2011

352#352 ~ we spent a large chunk of Sat. at Yellowwood forest, a magical spot in my heart. It was raining and had been for days, so the creek was so wild and wonderful, and Coco hung close to her papa, as she always does…her love for him is so sincere and beautiful.

Okay so my 352 is a taken from outside my window so you can see the reflection from outside things and then you can see the picture of my three kids on my dining room wall, kind of cool cause your 352 is the back side of E and CC and mine is a reflection of the backside of my three kido’s.