day and moment no. 354 March 7, 2011

354354  Coco was blessed to inherit from a friend I work with this wild  and amazing handmade fairy house, my friend made it for his little girl when she was Coco’s age, and now she is a sophomore in high school. She loves it. This is not the best shot of it, but she really wanted to play, and wanted me to stop taking her picture. : )

354 –  The eve before Abbie turns 9!  I had not taken a single photo all day, it was such a busy, busy day.  Then after she went to bed and I wrapped her few gifts, I decided this was it…the big moment of a wrapped gift in her favorite color pale blue.


day 304 January 16, 2011


#304 ~ sun ~ this is a little peek at our date time. We went for a hike at the lake near our house, it was warmer than usual, and the snow was so lovely glistening in the sun. We had a wonderful time, and i asked him to take this moment with me because it represents to me how we support each other, always willing to lean on each other or offer support…(he ends up lending more and i end up receiving more, I think, but he’s okay with that!)

304 – oh man, sorry about this I got the cookbook that Dani sent, it’s amazing and I know I could have taken a better picture than this, it’s all I have for  you:(  I took one other picture on this day but it was creepy and I didn’t want to put it next to you and your love.  The other picture was a babydoll hanging in our bathroom by the towel hook, it was a baby who had been made over in the face but in more of a creepy way rather than cute, I just found it strange that when I walked into the bathroom I saw that!


day 291 January 3, 2011


#291 ~ Today Eric was home, so we had ourselves a wonderful date kinda morning and afternoon till we needed to pick up the big kiddos from school. It was such a lovely day…we went for a hike together, had coffee together, then picked Coco up from nursery school and went to lunch and then to the Episcopal church uptown to light candles and say blessings and send out prayers for the New Year…Coco loved the church, and all the candles. I thought of you, and the blessing that you are in my life, and wanted this moment to be today’s moment…

291 Monday the prayer flags you sent me, I finally hung them in my kitchen, I know they are probably meant to be outside in the wind but I wanted to see them and I spend lots of time in my kitchen, maybe in the spring I can move them to the backyard where I spend lots of quiet time but for now they live in my kitchen. I think it goes well with CoCo and her candles. 

day 289 January 1, 2011 Our first day of the New Year two years ago

This day, this very day two years ago, blessed me so much when I opened my email and saw Angela’s hand reaching up and paired with the image I took on my sister-n-laws fridge note, the words and her image just went perfect!  One of my top ten favorite moments of our project.

289 January 1 2011#289 ~ Sat. New year’s day ~ I took this shot while we were enjoying having the moonroof open on the Toyota on our drive leaving balmy SC, it visually symbolizes a reminder to us both to reach for the stars! : )

289 – Sunday New Years Day.  My sister-n-law had this note on her refrigerator and I LOVED it, I took a picture  We spent our New Years with Mark and Jenn (Richs Brother and our sister-n-law), they live about an hour away and we spent the night and had a really, really nice relaxing time.  


day 288 December 31, 2010 our last day of 2010 two years ago

288 December 31 2010#288 ~ Fri. ~ This is the shot that is the most for you…when I saw that Toni (E’s mama) had been gifted this mug by Micah, my nephew, I knew it needed to go into a moment for you!! My peace loving sister…I love that Clancy the fancy spoiled kitty decided to be in the photo too! : )

288 – Saturday New Years Eve….enjoying a donut and coffee knowing it will be my last for a long good while.  


day 287 December 30, 2010

287 December 30 2010

#287 ~ Thurs. ~ E’s mama has a huge holly tree in her front yard. I really loved the contrast of colors, and the thought of holly being such a winter time thing, and the weather being so spring like.

 287 – Friday making white beans and ham in my crock pot and we had bought a new cutting board, a nice big one and we love it.

day 286 December 29, 2010

286 Dec 29 2010#286 ~Wed. ~ again from the car, but this time E and I were just running to the grocery in his mama’s little town and I was taken by the pines…everywhere there are pine trees, and I ADORE them…the whole state smells like pine trees! The weather was so kind to us Yankees, it was sunny and warmer every day. By the time we left it felt like spring…and that was so incredible!

286 – Wednesday on my way to pick up Dylan who had been staying with my sister-n-law and we were stopped by a train.