final moments day 365 March 18, 2011

I truly can’t believe this was two years ago today and that we did it, we actually followed through 100%.  It’s something I will always be proud of and so happy it happened.  I gained a lifelong friend from this photo project.


and 365. I had a few ideas for my last moment, but in the end just really wanted to send you my  love…so decided to blow you kisses, camera in hand, heart full of gratitude and love… The cabin alcove with the mirror was kinda dark, but I just went with it.

let’s talk soon dear friend. we should do a toast to each other and our accomplishment sometime with each of us pouring a glass of wine (or a cup of tea!) and them talking on the phone. : )

I love you Cali mama, xoxo ~ A., Indy mama

365 – The last and final moment. We did it Angela!   Just like I mentioned to you, in celebration of our final moment I got my nose pierced! 

The next thing we should do is have a nice long conversation on the phone.  I think we are due, I also think we will miss each others moments so much that talking on the phone on a somewhat regular basis will become our next big thing;)

 Much love


Tracie, California Mama


day and moment no. 363 2011….two more days

363363 ~ Wed. evening after we had unpacked and started to settle into the cabin, I noticed this wonderful light resting on Yoda, Yoda is a  superstar with my crew, especially jasper! he had to bring his game
with him.

 363 –  Little left over love in my garden.  


day and moment 362 March 15, 2011

362362 ~ Tues. evening spirits were high in our house because we were packing up for our trip, i snapped this moment of E giving Ellie some sweet lovin.

362 – This morning the sunrise was pretty, I missed all the bright pink colors before I pulled my camera out but here is the pretty hearts against the sunrise. 


day and moment no. 355 March 8, 2011

Abbie’s 9th birthday, today she is 11!!


355  being Mardi gras, Asa had a band function at school, he decided to wear his jester hat, and I caught him in a moment of stillness before we left. I think this might be the 1st monotone I’ve done for our moments! It seemed fitting for this shot.

 355 –  Her Birthday morning, instead of a waffle to sit next to Asa, I switched my moment out for Abbie the morning of her birthday in her birthday crown, also decided monotone would look nice.


day and moment no. 354 March 7, 2011

354354  Coco was blessed to inherit from a friend I work with this wild  and amazing handmade fairy house, my friend made it for his little girl when she was Coco’s age, and now she is a sophomore in high school. She loves it. This is not the best shot of it, but she really wanted to play, and wanted me to stop taking her picture. : )

354 –  The eve before Abbie turns 9!  I had not taken a single photo all day, it was such a busy, busy day.  Then after she went to bed and I wrapped her few gifts, I decided this was it…the big moment of a wrapped gift in her favorite color pale blue.

day and moment no. 346 Februay 27, 2011


#346 ~ I couldn’t resist the cheery magazine cover when I was a t the library, i had to bring it home, and I had to send it as a moment for you! I could look at that happy sunflower all day long…and I love that it has an article about inviting more happiness into our lives…I’ll let you know if I find anything to pass on from the article!!

346 – Drive home, I read and wrote in my journal a little bit, I wrote about some things I was thankful for, the safe trip was high on the list considering our crazy start.

day and moment no. 345 February 26, 2011

#345 ~  I like coffee best of all when it’s really strong (with room of course for cream and sweet) so the french press is my favorite because it makes it really dark and rich…it was grey and cold, the coffee was a comfort.

345 – race day and rather than take a ton of pictures of the racers stuff like that, I took a picture of this contraption as I sat on a cement block, I spent most my day walking while they raced, I walked 9 miles on this day.